So I decided to stroll through the Grant Ward tag and look at what I found


I’m really baffled by how the other side just completely doesn’t get it at all.

Like, I actually think the Grant Ward redemption arc is inevitable because that’s how the show/narrative is written. It was made to make him sympathetic despite everything.

But like, people are going through all kinds of mental hoops to insist he’s not really a Nazi, he was just following Garret’s orders (which is hysterical because ‘just following orders’ is like #1 Nazi apologism).

I haven’t heard any of them address the fact that Ward became an abuser. They have tried to claim that Ward dropping them from the plane wasn’t supposed to kill them/that it was supposed to float but w/e.

Like, along with the Narrative, shooting the faux-clairvoyant was the point where I would not have trusted him with anything, but then that’s about where the system breaks down for everything anyway.

And there’s such a double standard between them insisting Anti-Ward people are victim blamers, when our entire point is that Ward is actively victimizing people which is triggering to us who are victims. But Pro-Ward people are trying to act like that wasn’t what was going on? That he had absolutely no choice but to actively victimize others? Like, that’s not how it works, they absolutely refuse to see in any capacity how Grant could have made different choices.

I’ve never seen evidence in the show where Ward had any actual insight into his own actions, only anger when they were questioned. Which might mean that yes at some primal level he’s aware that he’s done wrong, but at a conscious level he is refusing to admit any wrongdoing. And that’s a pretty important distinction that the Pro-Ward people don’t seem to be able to grasp.

It’s just, so baffling how they don’t understand that the first step to redemption is admitting wrongdoing and Grant hasn’t done any of that yet(and they keep bringing up Black Widow as an example of hypocrisy).

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